Iron Chef Chen’s Knockout Chinese

By Chen Kenichi

Iron Chef Chen’s Knockout Chinesepresents more than 50 easy-to-prepare recipes using the signature unique approach of a true Iron Chef. Subjects and dishes include:

Easy-to-make side dishes:Steamed garlic shrimp / Grilled mushroom with sesame sauce / Honey flavored chicken wings

Dining for One:Egg soba noodles / Fried pork over rice / Spicy spaghetti with broccoli

Dinner from Leftovers:Leftover vegetables and pork stir fry / Tossed grilled pork and onion / Cream of broccoli

Sichuan Style:Spicy Tofu / Beef and vegetable stew

Favorites:Tossed tofu and spring greens / Chinese style steak

Fried Rice and Soup:Five-ingredient Fried rice / Rice soup / Steamed pork soup

Fresh Fruits:Fried banana balls with honey / Cherry and shrimp stir fry / Apple and pork fry

Seasonal Dishes:Asparagus and chicken stir fry / Large pepper stir fry / Chestnut and chicken stir fry

Chinese Desserts:Sweet cinnamon rice balls / Apple and coconut milk / Pomegranate jello

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