Easy Japanese Cooking : Noodle Comfort

By Kentaro Kobayashi

Easy Japanese Cooking: Noodle Comfort features a collection of more than 50 delicious, easy-to-make noodle recipes. There is also a section of side dishes and dessert recipes to accompany your noodle entrees. Categories and recipes include:

Chinese Noodle Dishes:
· Basic Noodles / Cold Noodles / Sesame and Chicken / Cold Basic Noodles / Minced Pork and Cucumber / Thai Noodles / Tofu and Kudzu Sauce / Ramen Noodles / Chicken Soba

Udon Soba (Wheat Noodle, Buckwheat Noodle) Dishes:
· Curry Udon / Curry Soba / Healthy Vegetable Soba / Plain Noodles / Cold Noodles with a Warm Sauce / Duck Meat and Noodles / Miso Noodles / Stewed Noodles / Miso Pork Noodles

Fried Soba Dishes:
· Ham and Bean Sprout Soba / Kudzu Sauce and Fried Soba / Ham and Omelet Fried Soba / Crunchy Soba

Rice Vermicelli, Vietnam Noodle, Cold Noodle Dishes:
· Fried Vermicelli / Vietnam style chicken and Noodles/ Korean Cold Noodles

For the Love of Noodles, Do It Right!:
· Roast Pork and Noodles / Fried Rice Cakes and Udon / Shrimp Tempura Noodles / Handmade Noodles / Potato Gnocchi / Simmered Dough Balls and Noodles

Pasta Dishes:
· Vongole Bianco / Seafood Marinara and Linguine / Carbonara / Mushroom Fettuccine / Ricotta, Egg and Tomato Spaghetti / Meat and Spinach Linguine / Crab and Cabbage Fettuccine / Potato and Basil Spaghetti / Chilled Eggplant and Anchovies Angel Hair / Spinach Lasagna / Penne Crème Gratin

Thin Wheat Noodle Dishes:
· Oyster / Noodle Jumble / Fresh Water Clam Cream Noodles / Simple Noodles / Onion and Okra Noodles / Cold Soumen Noodles / Coconut Milk Curry Asian Noodles / Pork and Sesame Noodles / Korean Soumen

Small Side Dishes and Desserts:
· Japanese White Radish and Soy Sauce / Cabbage and Miso Mayonnaise / Grilled Eggplant and Spicy Oyster Sauce / Pickled Vegetable / Fried Eggs / Deep Fried Bean Curd / Celery and Red Pepper Marine / Scallop Carpaccio / Fruit Tomato and Cheese / Milk Jelly / Strawberry Yogurt Jelly / Lemon Syrup and Tea Jelly

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